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* Application Development
* Application Migration and Porting
* Application reengineering and Enhancement

SAP Development

(a) Large enterprise solutions

  1. SAP end-to-end implementation across the entire suite of SAP products
  2. SAP module implementation
  3. SAP Roll-outs
  4. Upgrades
  5. Support

(b) Mid size enterprise solutions

  1. mySAP A1 implementations
  2. mySAP A1 support

(d) Other services which are mutually agreed upon

SAP Implementation

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants who are engaged in implementation of SAP. The methodology used is as recommended by SAP, namely the ASAP methodology along with the use of Solutions Manager in the recent past. PIPL provides a single window service to cater to all facilities associated with a SAP implementation. The scope of SAP implementation here includes construction and setting-up a data center, identifying hardware and software requirements, procurement and installation of hardware and software, establishing network and connectivity facilities, facilitating the SAP licensing process, implementation, disaster mitigation, training and post-implementation support.

SAP Rollout

Expansions in business requirements, in an established SAP implemented environment, call for additional SAP licenses, configurations, customizations and support. PIPL will do a study to have a complete understanding of the existing business process mapped in SAP and the required business process that needs to be mapped during the roll out. During such studies, PIPL will recommend improvements to the existing SAP processes, including the upgrade to hardware and technology.

SAP Upgrade

Enhancements in the product ranges as well as in their core technology are the regular features of SAP. Once they become deliverables in the market, SAP announces timelines for the maintenance of the current versions, beyond which additional cost has to be incurred.

We offer three categories of upgrades for the global market;

1. Technical upgrade
2. Functional upgrade
3. Business enhancement upgrade

SAP Global Support

A successful go-live demands a strong and continuous support system. This is essential to keep pace with any subsequent changes in the business scenario / statutory requirements. We have an established global service desk to enable the clients to raise tickets through a centralized gateway. Entire life cycle of the issue resolution including effort estimate, status updates, documentations, analysis and SLA adherence can be tracked.

SAP Basis Support

Scope of SAP basis support include the following

  1. SAP Application Patching
  2. SAP Kernel Patching
  3. User Roles & security
  4. Performance Tuning
  5. Backup & restore
  6. Application Monitoring
  7. Performing Database Health Checks
  8. Daily, weekly, monthly reporting.
  9. Support during application Upgrades and enhancements.

SAP Developments

We offer solution development on SAP to cater to the unique requirement of specific industry categories and explicit requirements that a business processes may require. The delivery of such solutions is complex and business-critical and involves high-end consulting. In association with the domain experts, consultants from COE ensure a rapid, risk-free implementation at lower costs to clients.

Value proposition

  1. Exposure to verticals like automotive, supply chain, textiles, manufacturing, foundry
  2. Highly experienced and trained SAP consultants
  3. Abreast of the new dimension products and technology solutions from SAP
  4. Best practices
  5. Quality deliverables at competitive rates
  6. SLA based delivery commitments
  7. Reduced costs of fixing defects, maintenance and hence, the TCO
  8. Expertise in SAP support operations
  9. Well established support model

SAP Training

Click here to know more about SAP Training.